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About Us

We're Here to Share Experiences and Support Interests

At Ampersand Community Services, individuals receive so much more than what is offered at an ordinary vocational center. We pride ourselves on creating a unique, exciting environment that embraces all types of individuals and promotes both happiness and personal growth.

After many years working with individuals and listening, we have learned that these are the areas that are the most important:

1. Relationships

2. Community Participation

3. Fun and Leisure

4. Job and Vocational Training

5. Autonomy

Ampersand will provide experiences, learning opportunities, and support in these areas. However, each individual is provided an in-depth motivation and skills assessment. The individual is then supported to create their own plan.  These pathways allow the individual to learn the skills necessary, with the support of our nurturing and highly skilled team. Some individuals might be more career focused, some more relationship and or leisure focused. Each person will choose what works best for them and we will be there to support them.

Interested in learning more about Ampersand Community Services? We invite you explore our site, sign up to receive email updates, and get in touch if you have questions about our values, pathways, community and more.


Ampersand works with organizations in the local communities to provide experiences for individuals.

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