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Pathways at Ampersand Community Services


Facilitating access to success and quality of life

We are listening. Over the past 20 years individuals have shared that the areas below are the most valuable to them and in most need of support. In response, We offer opportunities and experiences for individuals to shape their journey.  Experiences within these pathways can change and expand according to the interest and motivations of individuals.



Activities and training programs to form and maintain relationships with friends, family, romantic partners, community members, community helpers and co workers.  



Individuals will explore and acquire skills related to what it means to be fully immersed in community life including participating in community events like festivals, going to restaurants, shopping, making appointments, volunteering, and finally what it means to be a part of decision making through voting.



Leisure is a critical skill. Individuals share with us that identifying independent or group leisure skills can be a challenge. We will support the exploration of activities for individuals to find what brings the most satisfaction and joy. Examples include hobbies, film, dancing, music, holidays, and cultural events among others.



Great pride comes with finding a purpose and vocation and we believe everyone should have access to that experience. However, employment for individuals with IDD can be complicated. Some individuals are able to find jobs in supporting environments and sustain that employment for long periods of time. Others, might need additional supports and/or only access temporary employment.


Our goal is to help individuals find their strengths, motivations, passions, and develop their own vocational goals. We will then create experiences and learning opportunities in preparation for the plan that fits them best.  Some individuals will be ready for paid employment with limited supports, others for supported volunteer work, some for work in our created in-house enterprises. Whatever the goals we will be there to support and provide learning opportunities.



We believe everyone should have a voice and the ability to make decisions that impact their lives. Autonomy is the most important goal of our program. To support this goal individuals will be included in voting for all program decisions and hiring of support staff. Assertiveness skills in the form of asking questions, reporting needs, expressing and asking for opinions, as well as advocating for mental health needs will be encouraged and supported throughout the day. Ultimately, everyone should be able to transfer these autonomy skills to other aspects of their lives outside of Ampersand for greater independence and advocacy.

"To find yourself, think for your self."

- Socrates

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