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New Center offers Adults with Disabilities the Opportunity to skip the Illinois Waitlist

An innovative new center concept matches individuals with pathways that capitalize upon their unique strengths 

LaFox, Illinois — Ampersand Community Services is filling a critical need in Illinois by announcing the their opening for Applications, enabling qualifying adults age 16 and older with special needs an option to circumvent the waitlist for state funded care in Illinois and receive unprecedented assistance.​The statistics indicate that over the next 10 years an estimated 707,000 to 1,116,000 teens will enter adulthood and age out of school-based autism services1, this number doesn't even include individuals diagnosed outside of Autism. “When a child ages out of the educational system at age 22, and has nowhere to turn for services due to extensive waitlists, and individuals are left at home without the sense of responsibility, self-worth, or peer relationships.” said the original founder at Ampersand Career Center. “The feeling of exclusion from society, anxiety, and depression are very real - and Ampersand Community Services plans to change this outcome for all individuals we serve. Our center, and soon to be centers, will be a safe place for individuals to learn the skills necessary to enter the workforce, ready to advocate and protect themselves, with the skill set to lead a fulfilling, rewarding and balanced life.”

​Positive Community Impact – Hope for Individuals, Hope for the Community


When families make the decision to begin looking for vocational and residential settings in Illinois, they are often surprised by the waitlist and admission criteria. Additionally, this decision can be extremely overwhelming if the setting is more of a life-long commitment. “This is where Ampersand offers a new approach.” says the founder. “Our aim is to utilize the most efficient, effective forms of teaching to ensure each individual acquires the highest quality of life even including employment in some cases. Our mission is to have the best outcomes in Illinois for successful employment transitions. Additionally, when a family chooses Ampersand, they have the choice of either finding their own residential arrangement – or continued living at home for the evenings and weekends. This affords families and their loved one much needed independence, enabling both parties to lead fulfilling lives.” ​Enrollment Applications Available Immediately.​



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